Logo created for identity of fictional company "fraction"

Still from promotional video

sign up form found on one-page holding website fraction.org.uk

Wireframe for "monster" seen in videos

Still from video showing Beast and Agent seen through interference (greenscreen footage, CG and Effects, created in After Effects)

Faultlines Alternate Reality Game

Faultlines is the beginnings of an ARG that wraps gameplay around the players’ real world lives. The project was undertaken to create an engaging and intriguing game starter that will encourage players to participate in its exploration and solution.

The project contains a physical starter pack for potential players, and a supporting holding website both presented by the fictional company that holds a pivotal role within the game. The starter pack facilitates the user in the process of signing up for
game updates without breaking character from the game.

The production tale of Faultlines is a journey through gameplay research, graphic design, animation, visual effects and web design – combined together to create and immersive and adaptable style of game play that permeates players’ lives with mystery and intrigue, and creates a fictional overlay for the players real world experience.

University Final Year Project